St. Mark's United Methodist Church Preschool
225 Claremont St., Petersburg, VA 23805 (804)733-0420


Our curriculum includes the following:

1.   Group and individual activities
2.   Diversified indoor and outdoor play
3.   Story time
4.   Health habits
5.   Music and rhythms
6.   Creative arts and crafts
7.   Age appropriate readiness activities
8.   Science activities
9.   Number concepts
10. Creative thinking
11. Social studies activities
12. Field trips

The curriculum in the classes for four-year-olds is designed to prepare the students for Kindergarten in either public or private school by focusing on social and emotional development with an introduction to academics.

The program in the classes for the three-year-olds concentrates on social and emotional adjustment as well as the ability to work independently on projects and activities.  Activities are designed to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving.

The goals and objectives for the 2 1/2 year old children will be to learn to play and cooperate with peers, adjust to separation form parents, develop self help skills, to become aware of the world around them, to sit and listen and follow directions for appropriate periods of time, learn manners and respect for others and to work on the fine and gross motor development.

Children are natural learners who develop at different rates.  Our aim at St. Mark's is to let each child work at an individual rate and level of interest.  A child is never pressured into working on a task that is too difficult.  Most of our activities are presented in a game, discussion, or fun situation where the children are seldom aware of being taught important concepts.

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